Sunday Soup

Hello friends,Between 2007 and 2009, InCUBATE ran a meal-based micro-grant called Sunday Soup out of our shared storefront space in Logan Square. Over the past few years, an incredible worldwide network of organizers have taken the basic premise of Sunday Soup—collect grant proposals, cook a meal, invite people to pay and eat, and have the diners democratically allocate the meal’s profits—and adapted it to their own local purposes. Sister projects have now taken place in over 60 cities around the world. More about the global network can be found at’s time to bring Sunday Soup back to Chicago from its two year hiatus. This new iteration of Sunday Soup is organized by InCUBATERoots & Culture, and others in the Chicago art community. For each meal, head chef Eric May and friends will prepare a seasonal soup and accompanying dishes using local ingredients. The all-diet friendly, family-style meal will be $15 per person, with all the money minus food costs going to form the grant. Each diner will receive one vote and a hand-made menu and pamphlet describing with all of the grant proposals. We’ll count the votes at the meal and announce the winner over dessert.

While Sunday Soup is about raising much-needed cash, we hope that it will also be a forum to discuss and share the many other needs and resources that help make projects happen. We’re really excited to reanimate Sunday Soup and look forward to seeing you at the table.


For each event, the organizers of Sunday Soup choose five projects to put to the vote. We’re interested in funding all kinds of cultural projects from community arts, to organizing from all disciplines, to grassroots efforts. We’ll be choosing projects that represent a diversity of approaches, mediums, and creative communities. Projects with limited funding options elsewhere are particularly interesting to us. Anyone from the Chicagoland area is welcome to apply. You do not have to be present at the meal to submit an application. However, the grant winner of each cycle will be invited to return at a future Sunday Soup to present their project. Your submitted proposal will be made available to each diner in the form of a printed pamphlet.

Applications are due at 12:01AM, Saturday, April 21st. Visit to apply.

Save the Date!

Sunday, May 6th
at Roots & Culture
1034 N Milwaukee Ave






Representatives from allied soups around the country gathered together on the occasion of the Open Engagement conference at Portland State University in 2010 at Paul Middendorf’s house including Grand Rapids Sunday Soup, Baltimore STEW, FEAST Brooklyn, Philly STAKE, InCUBATE, Detroit Soup, Buffalo Sugar City, Ann Arbor Love Factory Collective, Portland Stock, chef Leif Hedendeal, and Sweet Tooth of the Tiger