A conscious psychic reading must deliver clair and concise answers to your life questions by reading your aura and chakras to get information about you on a soul level, channeling your guides and angels, psychic perception (clairvoyance, claircognisense, clairsentience and clairaudient), spiritual and metaphysic counseling, and mediumship from loved ones in spirit (as appropriate).

A psychic gift is universal. Through psychic reading it’s possible to address medical, emotional, spiritual, monetary, business, akashic, pand soul purpose issues. Whatever spirit wants to show a psychic, can be presented to you. (Exception, at times, are ”lotto” numbers. Some psychics usually keep them for themselves!)

Healing sessions in a psychic reading

All sessions are healing and may include these additional services as needed: chakra balance, The Miracle Meditation, guidied meditations, Quantum Touch Energy, NLP and anything else the psychic reading may guide to do.

The psychic always prepares for a reading with a meditation prior to your session. It greatly enhances her/his psychic perception and ability. This work must be taken seriously as it is about healing and giving back.

As you may know, some psychics specialization is “Intuitive Success Systems,” where they focus on helping you find success in your own life, heal from loss, attract love, money, abundance and discover your life purpose.

How a psychic reading works

A psychic reading on Psychic Reading Online must be preceded by a natural psychic and medium who receives information from energy fields as a psychic and from individuals in spirit as a medium. These individuals can be your angelic guides or loved ones. The psychic must work with all her/his clear senses. Must be clairaudient (hears), clairvoyant (sees), claircognizance (knows), clairsentient (feels emotions), clairsentinence (feels physically), clairalience (smells), clairgustance (tastes). A psychic is a natural medium of your angelic spiritual guides that primarily hears them. But will receive information they send her/him using the clair senses mentioned above. A standard psychic reading will usually begin with a meditation, an aura reading, chakra reading and then question and answers. A psychic does not need to be told anything. As a matter of fact, it is better if you tell her/him very little so as not to lead the psychic reading. The information you need to know will be revealed. If you have questions, the psychic will answer them from what spirit reveals. A psychic does not focus on telling your future, as this takes away your power. However, a psychic reader will offer probable outcomes based on current conditions. As well, he/she will show you how to create your future using advanced metaphysic and healing techniques. You will leave the reading empowered. Other techniques. A powerful psychic reader can use other techniques such as crystals, billets, psychometry, Tarot, Angel cards, hand writing analyses, etc. However, the techniques are irrelevant to your reading. What matters is the information you receive. The information comes psychically from energy fields such as akashic records and mediumistically from your guides. Because of this it does not matter what technique is used. What matters is that you have a psychic naturally gifted to access this information.

As a lifelong animal lover and a natural psychic, communicating with your pets is another service a psychic reader must provide. Our beloved furry friends are much more aware and intelligent than we realize.

We tend to see the things we want to when it comes to future predictions and psychic phenomena, which can make us vulnerable to the power of suggestion. Some psychics use common tools to read body language and gauge how well they are bound to when it comes to making predictions, as those neuroscientists found when they went to the psychic fair.

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