Many times when dealing with emotion, it’s hard to distinguish between love without conditions and love with conditions when feelings of hurt, and pain may cloud the signal or perception of love itself. It may be quite common to think that love knows no boundaries or can surpass all odds; however, there is a will like no other that accompanies love, and I think that this is what’s most pertinent more so than love itself. Now, I could be completely wrong, and I’m sure some would disagree with this statement. It’s simply just my opinion, biased at that, with what I have been experiencing lately in my own love life.

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I’m curious to know though if there is any such thing as unconditional love. I was asked today by my loved one the question, “why?” They were asking why I loved them. The reasons why, would they be considered conditions, as if to suggest that if they didn’t meet or exemplify these “reasons,” I wouldn’t love them anymore? If you ask yourself that question regarding anything, “why do I love…such and such…,” it could be your career, your favorite past time, your pet…anything you can think of that you can have and express love for, wouldn’t there be a reason? Wouldn’t there be a condition?

Now, it’s most common to think of unconditional love as the opposite of imposing an expectation of some sort to deem a person or object worthy of your love. In that case, I wouldn’t think that could be considered love at all, would you? So referring back to my situation, I feel as if my love is actually unconditional for this particular person even though I have many reasons why I love them.

An easier example when thinking of so-called “unconditional” love would be your love from your parents, or your children, or even your pet. Automatically you think they don’t have reasons other than you being “you” for loving you right? Their love comes without questions, reasons or explanations. They don’t have to support with any type of theory or song and dance why they love you. They just express it in a way that unexpectedly brings lots of warmth and joy to your heart. It touches the area in you that loves them back unconditionally.

So, why is it that when dealing with other people, we cannot tap into this pure source of love on a regular basis? Why does it have to come with reason or explanation? Wouldn’t you think that the Law of Attraction would readily respond either way, especially if the intensity of the emotion of love is on full blast? Isn’t this the classic vibrational max that one should strive to reach to attract their hearts desire? This is the feeling we should reach for on a regular basis as it surpasses all other emotions. Who cares about the reasons why? Love is simply that…Love. It doesn’t have to be experienced with a definition toted. No one can do or say anything to me that would make me stop loving them. I may not trust them or even speak to them, but to stop loving them would be beyond my human nature. It’s innately impossible for me not to love. What’s most important is what I do with it. It holds no judge, bias or contempt; my ego, yes, but the emotion of love in me, absolutely not.

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