Marijuana is one of the most famous plants that provide weed and contains higher THC content. Many people prefer to grow Marijuana as it is considered the most rewarding and relaxing activity that one can perform. The people who opt for growing Marijuana on their own then must be aware of some major requirements required by this plant. Like other plants, Marijuana also has different requirements and specific caring guidelines that you must consider to grow a safe plant. 

When you opt for growing Marijuana, you will find that there are more than 2,000 strains of Marijuana, and you can choose anyone from them. According to the strain that you prefer to grow, you have to select the environment and soil. Different strains of Marijuana requires different environment and soil which is a must for you to learn about. If you do not pay attention to the environment and soil of the Marijuana plant type, then it will create huge troubles for you. When you opt to buy the seeds, you can consider connecting with Cannabis Seed Bank, as it will help you get different seed types.

Steps to Grow Marijuana Seeds

The people who prefer to grow Marijuana on their own then must be aware of some major things required at the time of the growing process. You require three major factors for growing Marijuana seeds: A thermometer, a Chlorine-free unbleached paper towel or different types of tissue papers, and clean water.

  1. The first step you will follow for growing Marijuana seeds is to cut the paper towel in two parts and hold each portion in half. 
  2. After that, you have to wet the paper towel and make sure you will not soak all the paper parts, and they should be damp. If you soak the paper, then make sure that you will squeeze out the extra moisture and try not to drip it. 
  3. Then you have to put half of the paper towel on the dish and then place the seeds on the paper at the rounded end. Try to put the seeds half an inch apart to avoid the roots get tangled into each other. 
  4. Cover the seeds with the other half to the paper and make sure that the paper will touch the seeds. It will help the seeds to get the proper path to move forward in the growing process. 
  5. After this, you have to place another dish upside down on the top and make sure that the dishes you will make have a similar size and shape. It will help the seeds stay in the dark and maintain a high humidity to moisturize the dried seeds.


By considering the points, you will get to know about the major ways that can help you to grow marijuana seeds safely. Once you pay attention to all the steps, it will allow you to utilize all the three things that are important for the germination of the Marijuana seeds. Try to stay focused so that you can experience a wonderful growing process of these seeds.

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