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Once A Cheater Always A Cheater

One of the most important reasons for breakups: Cheating. Why do men cheat on? Once a cheater always a cheater? Here’s the answer…

We all know some people who got divorced because of cheating or two people that broke up because of it or people who stay away from marriage just because to avoid being cheated on. Unfortunately, these examples keep growing day by day. And this kind of situation does not belong to only one gender. Even if the deception seems to belong to only men, the number of women who cheat on their partners is a lot. Why do people cheat? Does the cheating one is actually the deceived one?

It is more common in married men

According to the expert’s men usually cheat because they want new experiences sexually for which they resort to Male Enhancement Pills and several other types of pills as well. Women cheat on because of emotional reasons. And this kind of behavior is not a new problem. Cheating was a very popular problem in relationships yesterday, and today it still has the same place in relationships. It is interesting that in researches when someone says “cheating on” both men and women think about the “men”. Because men are the potential guilty ones about this. And a lot of people think that cheating does not fit on women. And another interesting fact is that the ratio of cheating between married people is much bigger than the ratio between single couples. First of all, if we talk about men, experts say that when a man puts the ring on his finger, his testosterone level decreases and he just wants to prove himself by keeping his excitement alive. And this is the summary that why the ratio of cheater men is higher than women.

It is harder for women to cheat

And when it comes to women, the scale is completely different. The cheating women ratio is smaller than men. And when she does, she feels in dilemma between her feelings and society. And instead of having a one-night stand, women tend to have a long-term, emotional relationship. According to the experts, if a woman is not happy, there is a great chance for her to cheat on but this could be very different according to the woman’s personality. Not being happy, the intelligence of the new partner, not being satisfied, falling in love, the neglect of the partner, proving herself, revenging her partner, and making a good career are some reasons that make women tend to cheat on.

A man who suffered may not cheat on again

If a man suffered enough, has regrets, has something missing from her life, we may assume that he is not going to cheat again. Because people tend to decide on doing something according to their past experiences. It interestingly seems that the attitude like “he cheated on once, it is an addiction now” is the actual reason for people to cheat on again. Because the partner who has been cheated on has a huge feeling of insecurity and increases the controlling because she/he thinks that being cheated on is her/his fault.

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How To Text Your Crush The Right Way?

We live in a world where people are always texting each other and commutation is now an easy task for everyone. Regardless of wherever a person is, sending a text message and letting them know about your whereabouts is one of the easiest things to do nowadays. If you have a crush on a person at college and you think she has hinted you back, it might be the right time to send them a text and start talking. But, are you feeling nervous? If yes, then here are some of the tips that will help you to text your crush the right way without any mistakes.

Don’t text during busy times –

when you see your crush uploading pictures with her friends or of a place where she has headed out with her family, don’t disturb them by sending texts. Or you should also avoid sending messages when they are in their professional workspace. This can cause distraction and irritation as well. You should ask them to let you know when they are free and only then you should text them. Texting is a constant thing and that’s the reason why a person needs to give attention to it.

Make it short and sweet –

nobody would want to read a huge paragraph of what you have to say. You should keep it short and simple at first. When you are keeping the conversations short and sweet, it is a good way to make way for longer conversations later on. Use a few cheesy lines to make them smile or just ask them how their day was. Don’t try to initiate a very serious conversation all of a sudden. You can check out the quiz here to find out if your crush is equally interested to text you back.

Talk about things they love –

one of the best ways to impress someone is by talking about the things they love. It can be movies, singers, songs, restaurants or anything else that your crush is very much fond of. People love talking about the things they love and care about. That is why it is a great way to initiate the initial conversations and move on to other things. Just go through their social media accounts and see what are the things they have put on the list.

Don’t flirt too much –

flirting definitely adds some spice to the conversation and keeps both of you engaged in it. However, you should never overdo something and that goes the same when you are flirting with your crush. Don’t keep flirting with them all the time whenever they are texting you. You need to talk and discuss different things as well. Flirting works best when they are least expecting it or when the mood is absolutely set for spicing it up. If you flirt too much, a lot of women think it too be a sign of negligence and immaturity as well.

So, here are some tips that will help you to text your crush and impress them over the phone.

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How Do You Make A Commitment In A Relationship

You will find different definitions of relationships on online dating sites. But it doesn’t work like that. We act as though we understand the nature of relationships and then try to confine our relationships to that definition as if that will maintain its integrity. But doing that often is what leads to relationship problems.

We conceive of a relationship as a static thing and believe we can form ourselves into a “relationship” rather than be in a process of relating. We say, “We are now in the relationship of marriage. Let’s work on each person so they can conform to their part in this relationship arrangement.” This takes the wonder and magic and evolutionary potential out of what can happen when two or more people relate to each other from a place of truth.

A relationship is an unfolding, evolving, dynamic process. The only commitment there can truly be is the commitment to be true to yourself. This includes being true to your feelings in relation to other people. The commitment is being true to what actually exists between the people involved. This includes a commitment to an ongoing process of moving through whatever is in yourself that avoids what is true.

Relationships are a grand experiment. They are going into the unknown. They are coming into the present moment with themselves in relation to another.

Because they open up more perspectives than just your own perspective, they open up a larger picture of reality, and therefore more opportunities for evolving. It is much harder to maintain a distorted picture of reality within a relationship with another person. Although it’s also true that two people can interlock with each other’s emotional defense systems and reinforce them for each other. But usually, sooner or later these defense systems will come in conflict with each other.

We don’t know how relationships are supposed to be. And we don’t know how any particular relationship is supposed to be. It’s a process of discovery. For this kind of conscious and evolved relationship to work, each party has to approach it with no investment in receiving something in particular, other than whatever turns out to be true. In other words, they can’t be leaning on the relationship to make themselves whole. Or at least they must be unattached enough to the outcome so that they are willing to expose where they are leaning on it, in the process of their own personal growth.

Many people see allowing a relationship to be what it is, rather than making a commitment to a form, as lacking instability and security. But what I’m describing is a more evolved form of stability, based on a commitment to what is true between each other, rather than a commitment to an agreed-upon form. This puts the whole process in the hands of a larger source (the Divine, the Universe, God, or whatever you want to call it), which opens things up in ways beyond human imaginings, and outside of the control of our emotional defense systems.

A major reason people get invested in locking themselves and others into some kind of form is to compensate for unconscious, early-childhood, limiting decisions they have made, often having to do with not being lovable, valuable, worthy of respect, safety, and so on. And they try to make relationships solve that for them.

A committed, healthy relationship is where the connection of love between each person is acknowledged, and there is a commitment to be true to that love, and the particular form that is actually true for them. The form that ends up being true could very well fit into a marriage kind of form, or it may not. It may be developing some completely different kind of form of relationship.

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How To Get Over A Girl how to get over a girl is very important for any guy. Life often throws us some curveballs and we have to know how to handle them. Almost every guy can say they have had to learn how to get over a girl.

There are some tips on learning how to get over a girl that is pretty simple mentioned on but when the break up happens they seem very complicated. A lot of guys just stay really busy so they do not have to think about the breakup. By doing this their minds are occupied and they do not really have time to think about much other than what they are doing at the moment.

Some guys choose to isolate themselves and hope that the girl will come back. This is not a healthy choice when figuring out how to get over a girl. Things generally work better when you get back on the horse and try again. While often the ideal choice is to not date anymore for a while, some guys choose to immediately call someone else and set up a new date. Other guys choose family and friends to occupy their minds and rekindle relationships they may have ignored while with a girl.

Regardless of the choice, you make on how to get over a girl, be sure that it is a healthy choice and does not involve drinking or drugs to relieve stress. A lot of guys look to drinking to forget, or because they think they will be looked at as being cool. Drugs also come under the same category when it comes to getting over something that has been painful. These are not good choices in relieving the pain of a breakup for many reasons.

When learning how to get over a girl, do what comes naturally, but if you feel yourself falling into a depression it could possibly be time to talk to someone who can help you.

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