Exercise Ways to Lose Leg Fat In One Month

Tools: a solid chair or wall for balance of body, a 3-5 pound dumbbell

Approach: to do three times a week is not continuous (the next day to do). Every choice of which two sets of movements, each repeated 10 times (if possible, 10 times each side of the body). Rest between two sets of action 45 seconds. From the following description of the basic movements started, if you think it is too difficult, it would reduce the degree of difficulty. That there is no challenge? It would be more difficult.

Would like to quickly achieve the desired effect: do three sets of each movement, increased thirty minutes before doing the weight loss to focus on hip movements, such as hiking or climbing stairs.

First: the back stretch

Arm from the back of a chair or standing from the wall where the dumbbell on the left leg behind his knees, bend the left leg of the dumbbell pressed. Maintain the lower abdomen tight, turning the body from the hips, try to keep the body parallel to the ground. Leaning on the wall with both hands to maintain balance. Support the body weight with the right leg, left heel raised up a few inches while keeping the left knee bent. Down his left leg and then go down to elevation. Repeated several times, then switch legs to do.

More difficult: Bend the right leg (the leg standing), to live after the body pan, keeping right leg just above the knee to the ankle. Then straighten right leg, and left heel to lift up. Bend the right leg again, and put down his left leg. Repeat.

Reduce the degree of difficulty: put down the dumbbell.

Second: leg step-ups

Holding a dumbbell in each hand standing on the stairs about 1 meter away from the place. Lift the left leg foot on the ladder, while allowing right heel off the ground. Bend knees and lower legs and body, left leg forward, so that his left leg just above the ankle and knee in the right knee touching the ground. The weight of the body towards the left leg, left foot so that support from the body, right foot off the ground, lift the right leg stepping on the ladder. Put back the right leg forward and repeat the action. Repeated several times, then switch legs.

More difficult: when to stand up with his left leg supports, the need to lift the right foot standing on the steps, but stretching the right leg backward a few inches.

Reduce the degree of difficulty: to do on flat ground

Third: Bridge Application Exhibition

Lying on the floor knees bent, feet flat on the shoulder of the distance on the ground, arms on both sides. Squeeze the gluteus maximus to raise the hips, knees and shoulders formation with a slash, the number two, and then stretching his left leg and body form a straight line, the number two, bend left leg feet back into the ground, and then after a few or two, down the buttocks. Repeat the action, the conversion right leg.

More difficult: straight leg and then raise the buttocks, repeated several times, and back legs.

Reduce the degree of difficulty: Do not stretch. After raising the number 8, under the buttocks, then down.

Fourth: step leg

Standing, with feet hip width distance apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Lift right leg a major step, bend the knee to reduce body weight to make a more substantial step leg movements. Step in the right leg, while relaxing the right hand back, left hand holding a dumbbell on the right foot forward next to the ground. Hand when the attention of not arched. Right foot out, restore the original standing position, then bend your knees into a squat, sit like a “shadowless stool,” the same. Stretches for the legs redo, it’s only for one cycle.

More difficult: when the number of squat and then up the next 10 Reduce the degree of difficulty: omit this step squat.

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