Founded back in South Korea at the back end of 1984 and established in the same year, Shincheonji’s complete name is Shincheonji– The Church of the Jesus and the Temple of Tabernacle of the Testimony.

It’s the temple assured in a Bible and made according to the structure of the heaven that’s recorded in none other than God’s word.

The Devil’s Deed 

The self-proclaimed messiah & leader of the South Korean spiritual and religious movement at the very center of the nation’s largest COVID-19 outbreak on the day Friday called a disease- “devil’s deed” and the test of the faith.

Lee Man-hee sent the very text on the internal app utilized via the members of Shincheonji Church of the Jesus &Temple of Tabernacle of a Testimony, founded by Lee in 1984.

This covid-19 case is regarded as the devil’s deed to prevent the fast growth of the Shincheonji, wrote in a message, pictures of which were printed via the news agency- Yonhap.

South Korea went on to report about 52 new. It confirmed cases in no time of the Covid-19 cases on Friday that took the national tally to a total of about 156, and the most in Daegu, the nation’s 4th-largest city’s a community of about 2.5 million.

Tally Getting High

Of a country tally, about 111 patients belonged to Daegu or near about. The majority of them have been determined to the infected 61-years-old individual known as patient #31 who attended the services at the branch of Shincheonji Church recently, like about weeks ago or so.

Considering the cases growing so fast, it was then only the President of South Korea Moon Jae called-in for officials to strictly investigate the services of the church, and also the funeral services at the hospital in closeby Cheongdo County that’s attended via several members of the church and is now a site of another bunch of cases.

The hospital was again the home to that first covid-19 patient who died in South Korea, although the officials were yet seeking to ensure his exact matter of death.

That was when Lee went on to call his followers and asked them to obey the instructions given by the government authorities. Also, he asked to withdraw from holding meetings.

The Efforts Of Containment 

Health authorities described the break of Covid-19 in Daegu and several other surrounding regions as the “super-spreading event.”

On Friday, South Korea officials designated a couple of areas as the special care zones while troops were restrained to the bases to contain the further spread of the coronavirus.

Well, that is very much all you have here to read and learn about the Shincheonji– The Church of the Jesus and the Temple of Tabernacle of the Testimony. Also, the good work done by them can be found in the news if you search for it. To know further, you may look over the web and gather more info.

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