Anyone who is playing Minecraft for a long time already knows what Minecraft’s Bastion Remnants are, right? Bastion Remnants are the large castle-like structures that can be widely seen in the Nether in all the biomes except the basalt deltas. These are generated in four main variants with each of them containing unique loot and treasures that every Minecraft player wants to get their hands on. You can even find piglins and piglin brutes around the structures.  So you would want to make sure that you maintain distance from them. You can buy one of the minecraft accounts for sale or with the help of your own account, start exploring for the Minecraft’s Bastion Remnants now.

Where are Minecraft Bastion Remnants?

Just like the Overworld, Minecraft’s Nether is divided into different biomes and the Bastion Remnants are present in four of the five present on the map. However, the Basalt Delta does not have a single Bastion on its surface. So don’t waste your time finding it there. These are the following places where you can find the Minecraft’s Bastion Remnants easily – 

  • Nether Wastes

 this is a barren and empty location which is filled with netherrack and magma all over. So you have to be careful when making movements on this biome or else you will die if you fall into the magma.

  • Soul Sand Valley:

One of the most dangerous terrain on the map, this place can slow your movement and you will see a lot of skeletons and ghasts spawning around the place.

  • Crimson Forest:

a beautiful yet mysterious forest that has quite an unusual environment. It is covered with crimson nylium and has large fungi like structures as well

  • Warped Forest:

this forest is relatively safe compared to the other locations and you can find fungi structures here as well. However, this place can spawn endermen outside of the Remnants. So you have to fight them off.

Bastion Remnants Loot And Treasure Rooms

Bastion Remnants have access to huge loot that can fill up your inventory in seconds. The piglins store away the loot and that is why you need to spend some time finding them. They will try to attack you at times. So keep your sword at the ready and chop them off. You have to be careful when looting the boxes because they are surrounded by magma and a slight miss of the foot can lead to your death.

The basic items which are found in the treasure include – arrows, strings, metal and so on. But some of them also have very valuable stuff like  golden weapons and armour, gold or iron nuggets, filded blackstone, enchanted books, crying obsidian and several other elements.

So, here’s everything you need to know about Minecraft’s Bastion Remnants and where can you find them. Don’t forget to read more about them and find them more easily on the map. Let us know where did you find one!

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