Let’s take a closer look if this slogan is true in reality when using Coinbase for the purchase, sale and use of the crypto-coin bitcoin.

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In your turn you can also invite friends by offering them your Coinbase sponsorship offer, simply fill in your friend’s email and click on an INVITE button.

Once the form is filled in, Coinbase asks you to check your e-mail address, a verification email will be sent to you in your mailbox.

Click the link you received and your Coinbase account is now open.

A guide then appears on the page, you just need to follow this step-by-step guide to get your first bitcoins.

First of all, Coinbase proposes to associate a telephone with your account: it is not compulsory but strongly recommended for an optimal security: With each connection to your account or during important transactions, a code will be sent to you by SMS on your phone number. This authentication factor prevents a hacker from guessing or stealing your password from owning your account.

The second step is to complete your profile, date of birth and place of residence.

Then you go to the next step, selecting the payment method and click “Add Payment Method” button. You have the choice between three ways of payment: PayPay Account, or bank deposit (SEPA transfer) or the payment by credit/debit card.

When you choose one of these payment methods, you need to verify your identity. You can choose between 2 documents: identity card or driver’s license.

Click on the document of your choice then present it face to your webcam, front and back. Once the photos taken click on check. The verdict falls after 2 to 3 minutes only.

If it is negative no luck, you are offered to repeat the taking of photos because it is probably a lack of light or a blurred shot that prevented reading your document.

By credit card no funds will be deposited on your Coinbase account, so you can instantly buy bitcoins, but the purchase costs are high (= 3.99%) and the purchase limits are low ($ 100 or € 100 per day).

By bank deposit, it is necessary to wait from 1 to 3 days maximum to receive your funds by SEPA transfer. Purchase costs are low (= 1.49%) and higher purchase limits – up to $ 3,000 per day. The ceiling limit can be increased if you apply through an online form by providing proof of your financial means.

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