I’ve got two great choices for you. One option is that you can choose to work for a lower wage because you’re fat. One other choice is that you can be sick from being so fat so you can’t even get out of the house to hold down a job. OK, I know you say that you don’t like either choice, but why won’t you do anything to improve your situation. I bring this up because it’s been in the news how that oversized people face these issues every day.

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There’s a journal on obesity and it printed a report that showed how that being fat meant that you miss more days from the office than those who are not. When obese people were sick, their length of absence was longer than typical sick time.

Although this problem affects men and women, it affects men worse. This has obvious repercussions for employers who are interested in productivity and profitability.

Because of this, it’s vital for you to do something about your weight, else you’ll end up fat, sick, and poor: maybe even homeless.

The place you need to start is with exercises and diet. These two components will make the difference for everyone who is suffering from weight disccrimination. The thing that is nice is that it is a simple thing to do to improve the quality of the food you eat in effort to control your weight.

You will want to commmit yourself to eating naturally produced food. You don’t want to touch anything that has been processed and packaged in a bag or a box.

Next, I want you to make sure that you eat five fruit and vegetable portions every day. While you’re watching your intake, be careful not to eschew good fat. This means you need to have a high almond and walnut component in your menu.

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