Some people are fond of water. Water gives them the feeling of peace and happiness. Not just water, they are fond of aquatic life as well. They prefer to be near water as much as possible. But as it is not possible to be near the beach all the time. Some alternatives can be practised to make sure to keep water near you always. 

An aquarium is one of the best ways to keep water and aquatic life near you all the time. An aquarium is one thing that can be placed in any setting be it professionally space or personal space. It is so accomplished that can also be found in malls and big halls used for weddings, conferences and meetings. 

It is found in so many places as it is available in various shapes and sizes thus can be bought according to one’s needs and choices. If you are a person who loves aquatic life and water and want to be near it as much as possible, then you plan on getting a freshwater aquarium of your choice. The aquarium can be bought easily. It is available both online and in markets. One can get an aquarium, but its maintenance is really important to keep the aquarium as beautiful as it was at the time of purchase and also to ensure the aquarium plants and animals are living in a healthy and hygienic environment.

 Maintenance of aquarium 

 To maintain the aquarium. It can be done by following these steps:

  • Select and pick the correct aquarium 
  • The water conditions of the aquarium should be optimal
  • Have a proper fish water tank maintenance 
  • Necessary to practice aquarium acclimation 
  • Keep a constant eye on the aquatic life in the aquarium for the changes.

These are steps if are taken care of properly then it will be very easy to take care of the aquarium. It will also improve the life span of aquatic plants and animals. It will also ensure that the aquarium is clean and tidy at all times.  Along with the maintenance of the aquarium, it is also important to take care of the aquatic plants and animals inside the aquarium. The aquatic plants need to be taken care of. Some steps that are practised for the aquarium plants maintenance are:

  • The tank which can have enough water amount
  • A good substrate consisting of a mixture of rock, sand, smooth gravel and aquarium medium for planting will ensure an ideal environment for the aquarium plants 
  • Thermometer to check the heater is working or not
  • Pure water is needed
  • The ph. of the aquarium water is important. It should be maintained according to the aquarium plants kept.
  • Filtration of ammonia and phosphorus that is aquatic animal’s waste
  • The water hardness should be checked
  • Check the dissolved minerals in the water used for the aquarium 
  • Regularly detoxify the aquarium water.
  • Proper filters should be used in the aquarium 

These are some of the steps if followed can help the aquatic plants to grow and increase their lifespan.

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